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As first time home buyers, you’ve been saving and planning. Now you are ready. The time has arrived to make your dream come true. But where do you begin? We offer a buyer’s guide which will explain the entire home buying process to you. It will also answer many of your questions. You will find the guide here.

We would be delighted to guide you throughout your first home buying adventure. From recommending a lender to attending the closing with you, we will be there for you from beginning to end. We will answer questions, offer advice and help you to avoid costly mistakes on your way to home ownership. So let’s connect! Let us help you to make your experience exciting and stress free.

Additionally, you may inquiry about Ocala’s home buyer assistance program here!

Ocala’s Family Neighborhoods

Green grass, shady trees, soccer fields and friendly neighborhoods combine to make Ocala the ideal community to raise a family. Additionally, our new Superintendent of Schools is taking great steps to ensure that our children’s future is bright. Through innovative ideas and an investment in curriculum and school materials, she is enhancing the quality of education your children will experience here. Notably, she also employs cutting edge management techniques to ensure that the future of education in our city is bright.

Of course, our city offers a wide choice of after school activities as well. Many incorporate learning, exercise and play to stimulate children in body and mind. Among our favorites are programs offered by the Glazer Children’s Museum, the Appleton Museum of Art and the Discovery Center.

First Time Home Buyers Find Ocala An Attractive Destination

But Ocala caters to adults as well. Of course, to support a family, one must earn a living. Amazingly, the C.E.P., our Chamber of Commerce comes to the rescue. It is in the process of executing its initial five year plan under the stewardship of President and CEO Kevin Sheilley. Its goal is to bring big business and industry into out community, thus attracting high paying jobs. We note with excitement that under Mr. Sheilley and his innovative leadership, the C.E.P.’s plan is far ahead of schedule.

Additionally, it is important to note that Ocala offers a wide range of lifestyle options. It has become a center for the arts, fine dining, outdoor adventure, adult education and much more.

Finally, the World Equestrian Center opened its doors in May of 2001. As a result, Ocala is expected to become a global destination. This will surely accelerate our growth exponentially. Of course, with this growth will come new opportunities to work, build businesses, invest and enjoy leisure activities.

Can there be any doubt that Ocala offers an ideal environment for first time home buyers? 

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