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world equestrian estates

World Equestrian Estates, the ultra luxury community planned for the World Equestrian Center, is an amazing undertaking. But is it the advent of Loire Valley grandeur to the Ocala market? Artist’s renditions suggest that making this comparison is only a slight exaggeration. While the above image is not one of afore-mentioned drawings, we believe it to fairly present the majesty depicted by them.

These homes are to be custom built on three acre lots. Each will offer a palatial elevation of a grandeur rarely seen on this side of the Atlantic. Additionally, each will be the centerpiece of an equestrian mini farm that will feature state of the art equestrian facilities. If price is no object and only the best will do, where better to build your dream equestrian estate than in the “Horse Capital of the World”? If you wish to explore this once in a lifetime opportunity, please reach out to us. It would be an honor to represent you and do everything in our power to make your dream lifestyle a reality.

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The World Equestrian Center in Words and Videos

The WEC is open. This changes everything!
Note: World Equestrian Center videos, an important part of this presentation, are located at the bottom of this page.

Home to the amazing World Equestrian Estates ultra luxury community, the World Equestrian Center is destined to attract visitors and stimulate population growth for years to come. To be sure, it will become instrumental in the area’s economic development and the growth of housing demand here.

The Center will be the largest equestrian complex in the United States. Since it is nestled on 4,000 acres, the facility has much room for expansion. However, the World Equestrian Center currently occupies only 378 of these acres, with 300 reserved for a planned second phase. Indeed an architectural wonder, the WEC will offer world class indoor and outdoor arenas and state of the art amenities. Because the WEC will accommodate a wide variety equine events, it will attract equestrians engaged in a wide array of disciplines from throughout the world.

This changes everything!

Of Course, Miami Beach designer Ric Owens coordinates designs for this historic site. Ric has over 25 years of experience designing commercial spaces, hotels and high-end custom homes. Because of his reputation for excellence, his experience and skills are much sought after.

Jumping event at the World Equestrian Center, truly among preferred properties in Ocala, Florida.

The World Equestrian Center’s event grounds and the exquisite homes of World Equestrian Estates will offer unparalleled access to the area’s horse country. Therefore, This amazing attraction will gain Ocala’s reputation as the ultimate equestrian destination worldwide attention.

The elaborate entrance to the World Equestrian Center, the doorway the most outstanding of preferred properties in Ocala, Fl.

Ric has designed this state-of-the-art equestrian center to offer the ultimate competition venues for horse and rider. Of course, the developers recognized that Ric’s beautiful designs must be accorded a commensurately outstanding level of maintenance and management. To that end, they spared no effort to ensure the facility is a professionally and efficiently run, family-owned enterprise. Each aspect of the World Equestrian Center exemplifies a never before seen passion and commitment to equestrian sports. To be sure, we welcome its arrival with excitement and anticipation.

The Amazing Luxury Suite Hotel at the World Equestrian Center

To complete the WEC experience, architects have designed a state of the art luxury hotel. It will feature 254 extra large suites, some with balconies. In fact, Ric specifically designed the suites to allow guests to view world class equestrian competitions in the luxury and comfort.

Visitors will also find a promenade featuring exclusive shops just minutes from the competition rings and barns. The developers have carefully selected vendors to enhance the boutique experience. Consequently, they have created a venue where guests and visitors will be able to shop for everything. Boutiques offer a wide selection, from clothing to jewelry to fine art. Hence they have ensured that the people this facility will attract find their stay at the World Equestrian Center to be memorable. Since culinary pleasure is also an important part of the experience, the facility will offer several unique dining options. Of course, the focal point will be a fine dining establishment with seating for 500 guests.

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