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Home Seller Guide – Additional Thoughts

These common mistakes sellers make bear repeating in our home seller guide:

  • Deciding to sell without considering your broader financial situation.
  • Not properly preparing your home to be shown.
  • Ignoring needed repairs, while making unnecessary repairs and improvements.
  • Not hiring the right agent, one who is qualified can lead to frustration and unsatisfactory results. To be qualified, an agent must have more than experience and knowledge. Additionally, an agent must have your best interests at heart and present a dynamic marketing plan. Of course, he or she must also have an approach to selling that makes you comfortable.
  • Limiting showings can be detrimental. To be sure, the fewer people see your home, the longer it may take to receive an acceptable offer.
  • Underestimating closing costs.
  • Of course, setting an unrealistic selling price can leave your home sitting on the market. Undoubtedly, the first week or two that a listing is on the market offer the best opportunity to sell at optimum price. However, once all interested buyers have become aware of a listing, selling momentum begins to decline. If no offers are presented, the potential for a quick sale fades. This is because the longer a property sits on the market, the more the “W.W.W.I” syndrome (what’s wrong with it) begins to impact the listing. As a result, price reductions may follow to stimulate interest.
  • Only considering the highest offer and not giving proper weight to buyer qualifications and offer terms.
  • Of course, not seeking your realtor’s expert advice before launching projects can cost you money. This is because the improvements that add most to your home’s value are not necessarily the most expensive ones. Therefore, you would be wise to learn what helps most before tackling upgrades and improvements.

Getting The Word Out

Because every Realtor exposed to your home has contact with dozens and often hundreds of potential buyers, a marketing campaign must include the introduction of your home to the Realtor community. However, as members of a network of over 750,000 real estate sales professionals worldwide, we can reach out to all of them in a matter of hours. Therefore, we have maximum flexibility to tailor the outreach that would be most beneficial for your home. For that reason, we are able to put you in the best position to successfully compete with other Ocala, FL homes for sale.

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