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We publish weekly posts to our Ocala real estate blog. Of course, the posts emphasize topics of interest to home sellers and buyers. After all, Ocala Home Guide Realty is a real estate brokerage. However, we deal with many other aspects of the Ocala lifestyle as well. We also write about the arts, fine dining, the natural wonders that surround us and much more.

Ocala is an amazing town with a bright future. It is surrounded by amazing forests and over six hundred bodies of water. To be sure, each of us is fortunate to live in this natural wonderland.

Our community is also very fortunate for another reason. Decades ago a man of vision, Walt Disney arrived here and presented his dream to our community. He wanted to build a magic kingdom in our town. However, the people of our community feared that such a kingdom could not coexist with our bucolic horse farms. Therefore, they sent Mr Disney away empty handed.

Of course, it is quite unusual for an opportunity as grand as this to come knocking twice. But opportunity did in fact come knocking on Ocala’s door a second time. As a result, in May of 2021 the World Equestrian Center opened its doors to international competitions. Therefore, for the first time in decades Ocala is again a in vogue. Since the opening of the WEC real estate prices and tourist tax revenues have surged. Today Ocala is beginning an exciting ride that will continue for decades to come. Our town is becoming a global destination. Ocala’s economic future is very bright indeed!

No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle. 

– Winston Churchill

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