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The real estate industry has adapted to helping buyers and sellers live their dreams safely. However, we all need a break from the new normal and safe fine dining offers an excellent escape.

In this environment, we all need a way to relax and recharge our batteries. Assuredly, safe fine dining offers a great way to do so. At Ocala Home Guide Realty, we recognize the dilemma we and our Ocala neighbors face. While the expanding threat from the pandemic burdens us, life goes on. Therefore, it is important not be enveloped by fear. We have one out-of-town friend who has recovered from COVID-19. But sadly, she still suffers with dangerous after effects months later. Additionally, the dangers of COVID-19 hit much closer to home this week, when we discovered that our niece in South Carolina has tested positive. Over the last two weeks, she isolated herself in a bedroom and hoped the disease will take its course quickly. But the difficult days she is living through suggest that defeating the infection will take some time.

Unfortunately, we see too many people discounting the dangers we face and comporting themselves cavalierly. As a result, the disease is very active in Marion County. But all is not lost. Masks, proper hygiene and social distancing are very effect in protecting us from infection. Therefore, we urge you to be vigilant. Undoubtedly, there is a reason why New York, the original epicenter of COVID-19, is now able to reopen schools safely. Lets follow their lead so that we too may gain control of this terrible pandemic.

The Joy of Safe Fine Dining

Of course, we would be wise to add a little joy to our lives and to believe that this too shall pass. While sharing a glass of wine and delicious cuisine with a loved one is a wonderful way to start, it’s encouraging that we can do so safely as well. Accordingly, here are five Ocala restaurants rated 4.5 stars or higher who deliver their chefs’ delectable creations:

Latin chef's dish elegantly presented

LATINOS Y MAS Restaurant

With 881 unbiased reviews, Latinos Y Mas rates 4.5 out of 5 stars and ranks #2 among the 462 restaurants in Ocala. Continue reading on >

Safe Fine Dining: available at one of the top two restaurants in Ocala.


With 189 unbiased reviews, Mi Tierra Latina has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars and ranks #26 among the 462 restaurants in Ocala. Continue reading on >

Multi colored Oriental dinner bowl meal


With 17 unbiased reviews, Lotus Asian & Natural Food Market has received 4.5 of 5 stars and is ranked #142 out of the 462 restaurants in Ocala. Continue reading on >

Milano's offers safe fine dining Italian style.

MILANO’s Italian Restaurant

Order food online at Milano Ristorante. With 83 unbiased reviews, the restaurant has earned 4.5 out of 5 stars and ranks #38 among the 462 restaurants in Ocala. Continue reading on >

Safe Fine Dining options offer a chance to enjoy life in the new normal.

Doing Dinner, A Takeout or Delivery Restaurant

With 8 unbiased reviews, Doing Dinner has earned 5 of 5 stars and ranks #182 out of 462 restaurants in Ocala. Continue reading on Tripadvisor.

Andrew Kruglanski, Broker/Owner

Having safe fine dining options allows us to take a break from every day stress, restore ourselves and focus on our bright future.

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