SE Ocala homes for sale are an eclectic group featuring an outstanding location and many lifestyle choices.
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SE Ocala Homes For Sale: An Eclectic Group

SE ocala homes for sale are an eclectic group indeed. There are luxury estate homes costing millions of dollars and economical starter homes as well. There are gated communities and open neighborhoods with few restrictions. All are located a few minutes from Ocala’s rapidly expanding city center. Additionally, all are in proximity to excellent schools and amazing opportunities to commune with nature.

SE Ocala is home to Silver Springs State Park. Of course, this park is most famous for its glass bottom boats. They take visitors for a cruise of the natural springs habitat daily. These boats have been drawing visitors to the area for decades. To be sure, they come because there is no better way to learn about the springs’ underwater ecosystem. But there is more to the Silver Springs adventure than these boats. Kayaking, hiking and picnicking are also great ways to stay active and fit while communing with nature here.

SE Ocala homes for sale also offer the opportunity to be near Florida’s network of nature trails. What better way to learn about North Central Florida’s flora and fauna? An invigorating hike, digital camera in hand, is an amazing experience.

Proximity to the Ocala city center and the Appleton Museum of Art are also great reasons live in this area. So take a look at SE Ocala homes for sale and consider making this part of Ocala your home.

The Appleton and Downtown

The Appleton Museum offers educational opportunities for children and adults alike. But most importantly, it feature the amazing Appleton art collection. To be sure, this collection is always worthy of a visit. It includes works of eighteenth and nineteenth century American and European masters. Additionally, the works of early twentieth century masters such as Pablo Picasso and his contemporaries are on display as well. Lastly, the museum owns an amazing collection of pre columbian pieces. We are fortunate to have such a fine museum in our town.

Of course, being close to our city center offers wonderful opportunities as well. Here you will find extensive dining opportunities. Among them are Golden Spoon winners Katya’s Vineyard and La Cuisine. Additionally, the Symmetry Cafe serves the finest coffee in town and outstanding crepes too. Also, the Reilly Arts Center, our premier theater is located here. Then there is the city square. One must not overlook the square which feature various activities including art shows and musical performances throughout the year.

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