Woodfields homes for sale are nestled in historic surroundings. 

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Woodfields Homes For Sale – History & An Oak Canopy

Woodfields homes for sale are nestle in a beautiful neighborhood near downtown Ocala’s historic district. This neighborhood features beautiful homes and lanes with oak tree canopies. Since most of the homes in this area were built long ago, they tend to be custom built and unique. Of course, that gives the neighborhood a very special ambiance. The vegetation in the area is lush, with a very southern flavor. Because the community maintains this subdivision with care, the oak tree canopies that cover many of the lanes in Woodfields attract joggers and cyclers, giving Woodfields a special charm. Of course, the lush xeriscape also attracts photographers and wedding parties. Additionally, this is an area replete with parks and children’s playgrounds. To be sure, it is a place to enjoy the outdoors at a slower pace, a wonderful part of town.

While most of Woodfields was developed between 1956 and 2008, there are a significant number of homes here that date back to the early 1900s and possibly earlier. These homes commonly feature three to five bedrooms and two to four bathrooms. Additionally, living space varies greatly, with the smallest homes offering as few as 1600 square feet, and the largest boasting as many as 6000. Of course, because developers subdivided this area long ago, they chose to create relatively large lots.

There Is Much To Recommend This Location

Notably, this area is peaceful and park-like, yet a stone’s through away from all the advantages Ocala’s city center has to offer.. There are outstanding fine dining establishment and wonderful cafes close by. The Reilly Arts Center and Tuscawilla Art Park are nearby. Additionally, there are professional and medical offices and assorted interesting retailers in the down town area and adjacent to it. Therefore, there is much to recommend choosing to live here.

Don’t overlook this beautiful and charming neighborhood. Get to know it. You may find that its charm and tranquility will steal your heart.

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