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Ocala Homes Guide photo: Planning the purchase
Since real estate trends are constantly changing, it is wise to monitor them if you are planning to sell or buy.
Staging is an excellent way to reduce a home’s time on the market and maximize its selling price!
Empty nesters, are you struggling with whether to renovate or sell?
Home staging 101: Declutter, Depersonalize and Organize!
A first impression starts with curb appeal.
Ocala, Marion County real estate market report, part 2, 2nd quarter, 2019: There are statistical trends which suggest the real estate market is stabilizing. Is a buyer market on the horizon?
Ocala, Marion County real estate market report, part 1 – 2nd quarter, 2019

Ocala, Among the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the U.S.

Our city is a fast growing metropolitan area known as the horse capital of the world. It outpaces even Kentucky as a breading ground and training hub for thoroughbred racing horses. However, what is less known is that this area has been attracting major corporations and exceeding all expectations in job creation. But equally important is the fact that these are high quality jobs which pay wage well above expectations as well.

Over the last few years the Chamber of Commerce has merged with the Economic Partnership. Since the new CEP has an extraordinary working relationship with the Mayor, the City Council and the Marion County Commission, the three work together like a well oiled machine. Therefore, businesses enjoy a responsive economic environment where decisions can be made in days. Since they don’t face a typical government bureaucracy, major corporations respond by doing their strategizing and decision making quickly as well. Therefore, it is not surprising that they are drawn to the Ocala area.

The mission of our Ocala Homes Videos page

On this page we present videos which provide Ocala, Florida real estate market updates. Since understanding the process is important, we will also offer tips for home sellers and buyers. But there is more to life than buying or selling a home. So we will present news about our fast growing community as well.

Since everyone strives for a smooth transaction, we will offer suggestions for sellers. Of course, these will focus on actions that will minimize a home’s time on the market and maximize its sales price.

Because it takes both seller and buyer to make a transaction, we will present tips for buyers too. Our buyer tips will focus on maximizing your competitive advantage in the eyes of a seller. So visit often, since even one new thing learned can make all the difference.

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