home staging

Home staging is something that requires special training and licensure. Therefore, only a professional designer with special certifications may stage a home, correct? Of course, the answer is a resounding no!

“But the advice of a professional stager can cost thousands of dollars, so how can it be an option for all listings?”, you ask. The answer is simple. Home staging can be quite expensive, but need not be. We work with knowledgeable stagers who will visit your home and offer cogent advice for as little as $99. Additionally, affordable virtual staging services are also available.

But what is Staging? It is the art of presenting each room in your home in the best possible light. To stage effectively, one must begin by learning a few basic concepts.

Firstly, cleanliness is a key element of staging. Therefore, a maid service, a pressure cleaning company or an enterprising homeowner may perform tasks with respect to this phase of staging.

Secondly, decluttering and depersonalization are also key elements of staging. Of course, while you can execute these elements with the help of a professional stager, you need not. For example, as a homeowner, you need no specialized guidance to put away personal photos and artifacts. You must only understand the concept that, in interior design, often less is more.

Thirdly, organizing furnishings and furniture plays a vital role in staging. Of course, obtaining advice from an expert in this phase is of great value. But there are many other resources you, as a homeowner, can access to help you implement this element of staging.

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