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The Ocala real estate industry is instrumental in Ocala’s rapid expansion. New inhabitants are flowing into our community and creating a growing demand for housing and infrastructure. Governmentsmust build roads and connect services to make more land habitable. Additionally, they must draw retail, dining and service businesses into our area to meet the demands of our growing population.

As Realtors we serve buyers and sellers in our community and focus on the Ocala market and surrounding communities. We know this market intimately and stive to provide the best client experience in our industry.

In blog posts assigned to this category, we will provide information about our local real estate market. We will also provide strategies which will help sellers gain a competitive edge so that they can sell quickly and maximize the market value of their homes. Additionally, we will provide advice to buyers which, when implemented, will make their offers more attractive to sellers and help them to find a home that fullfils their lifestyle dreams and fits into their budgets.

Ocala offers a wide range of lifestyle choices. We have communities that cater to the rich and famous and offer luxury homes with unique architectural innovations. The city also features communities which cater to retireess and offer a wide range of amenities and prices to fit any budget. Additionally, there are communities designed to attract first time buyers. In short, our city is a great place to fullfil your lifestyle dreams, whatever they may be.

So visit us weekly and learn why Ocala is the ideal place to call home.



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Ocala Living: Advice In A Season of Inflation

Ocala living is about enjoying the holiday season with family, friends and neighbors. But you don’t have to break the bank to celebrate the holidays in style, even in these inflationary times. Prices may be higher on everything from food to gifts to decorations, but there are still plenty of opportunities to avoid over extending.  …

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First Time Homebuyers: Timing The Housing Market

Deciding whether and when buy a home can be daunting if you are first time homebuyers. But in today’s whirlwind market you may find it particularly challenging to pinpoint the best time to start exploring homeownership. The real estate boom spawned by the pandemic has pushed home prices to an all-time high.1 Additionally, higher mortgage …

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Lower Mortgage Rates: 8 Strategies to Secure Them!

Mortgage rates have been on a roller coaster ride this year, rising and falling amid inflationary pressures and economic uncertainty. Unfortunately, even the experts are divided when it comes to predicting where rates are headed next.1 This climate has been unsettling for some homebuyers and sellers. However, with proper planning, you can work toward qualifying …

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Ocala Real Estate – Three Hedges Against Inflation

Ocala real estate is about to benefit from economic growth never before imagined in North Central Florida. Thanks go to the projected more than tripling of the contribution the equestrian industry makes to our community. The annual inflation rate in the United States is higher than we would like. But actions taken by the Fed …

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Serious Home Sellers Understand The Importance of A 1st Impression

While we all want to be good neighbors, serious home sellers must do more. It’s not just about keeping up with the Joneses or pleasing your neighbors. It’s about outshining them at every opportunity! If you are serious about selling your home fast and at the highest possible price, you’ll need a strategy to set …

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Instant Cash Offers – Are They A Viable Option?

Are instant cash offers the future of the real estate market? Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and real estate transactions are no exception. In fact, a new crop of tech companies wants to revolutionize the way we buy and sell homes. iBuyer startups like Opendoor, Offerpad, and Properly are rapidly expanding …

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Ocala Ultra Luxury Living – The Larry Roberts Story

Ocala ultra luxury living was redefined, if not invented, by developer Ralph L. Roberts. Half a century earlier, Ralph and his partner, Robert Campbell, opened a small freight company in Ohio. When the two purchased a single truck, R&L Trucking was born. Robert and Larry, as Ralph preferred to be called, dreamed of very different …

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Xeriscapes Greenhouses & Ocala’s Lifestyle

Xeriscapes, Greenhouses and Gardens In Ocala Xeriscapes, greenhouses and gardens are trendy, but always in style. Gardening has been a favorite pastime since man began to change his focus from hunting and gathering to farming. In many cultures, including those of the British Isles, no home would be complete without a beautiful garden. We have …

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Ocala Home Sales Projections 2021

Ocala home sales are setting records year over year. Despite a market dominated by health concerns generated by a generational pandemic, demand has set a pace seldom seen before. Additionally, historically low inventories and interest rates have generated a whirlwind of repercussions. According to Realtor Magazine, the median sales price of an Ocala home has …

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Ocala Luxury Homes – Predicting Trends

Ocala luxury homes feature architectural designs and craftsmanship to rival the finest our state has to offer. However, not long ago sellers of ultra luxury dream homes found their mansions languishing on the market. They discovered that supply far exceeded demand for such homes. Buyers were redefining their lifestyle choices. However, as the stock market …

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Focus on Ocala, Marion County’s Jewel

Ocala rural home sales are booming: In the face of the pandemic, Ocala continues to evolve into an exciting metropolitan area. As people reconsider the wisdom of living in large urban areas, our countryside is proving a desirable alternative. Therefore, many are drawn to rural communities where social distancing is a normal part of daily …

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The Ocala National Forest, a natural wonder

Here is another great reason to make Ocala your home. The Ocala National Forest serves as an area administered by the United States Forest Service. Since they so eloquently describe this national treasure, we have borrowed their words to introduce this magnificent forest to you. This nature reserve proudly wears the Congressional designation National Forest. …

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Selling Investment Property – The DST

Synopsis – The Consequences of Selling Investment Property: Many considering selling investment property find four issues standing in the way of implementing their exit strategy: A need to replace the income provided by the property. The tax consequences of a traditional sale. The fact that a standard 1031 exchange does not allow for the implementation …

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The World Bank Report Offers Hope

The June World Bank Report and its Implications: The World Bank issued its report on the expected economic impact of the pandemic earlier in June. Unfortunately, the predictions are ominous. Bank economists project the worst economic contraction in decades. They forecast that world GDP faces a 5.2% contraction year over year in 2020. All countries …

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The Ocala Economy and Paul Krugman

Today we are living with life threatening health issues and uncertainty as to direction of the world economy. Of course, the Ocala economy is not exempt from the forces at work. The doomsday prophets among economists are predicting an economic contraction unseen since the Great Depression. However, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is more optimistic. In …

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Short Sales and Foreclosures: COVID-19

The Ocala Real Estate Market “A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill Will economic problems triggered by COVID-19 cause a resurgence of short sales and foreclosures? We expect that they will. However, sometimes difficult situations bring with them opportunities to create win win …

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Today we launch the Ocala Blog!

Welcome. Today we publish the first installment of our new Ocala Blog, your online source for information about all things Ocala. Since Ocala is a thriving, rapidly evolving community, there is always something interesting going on here. Although we will be emphasizing issues of interest to home sellers and buyers, we will also delve into …

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