Biosysco and Its Equine Division Are Coming

We at the Ocala Lifestyle Blog are excited to share that Biosysco’s equine division is coming to our city. Biosysco has developed a technology that stimulates muscles, thereby speeding the process of recovery from strenuous activity. The process also enhances muscular growth and development. This technology was designed to help human athletes, from weekend warriors to professionals. However, the company is now expanding the application of the technology to athletes of the equine species. Therefore, the Chicago based enterprise will soon open a facility for its equine division in Ocala.

Kevin Sheilley, CEO of Ocala’s CEP, made the announcement last week at its annual luncheon. Mr. Sheilley then reprised the announcement at an encore event hosted The Chamber of Commerce. We thank Vystar Credit Union for sponsoring the encore cocktail event.

“Biosysco is going to be headquartering their equine division here in Ocala. They will be creating new jobs with an average wage of $65,000.” declared Mr. Sheilley. The CEP is targeting expanding the role of second tier technology companies in Ocala’s economy. Therefore, this is a significant beginning in implementing the plan.

The Biosysco Technology

Biosysco, the Sigma Q (ΣQ®) wave pioneer, has patented a unique neurological stimulation system. It sends a specialized combination electrical charges and sound waves into muscles. This stimulates them and causes a natural motion which improves muscle tone and prevents or repairs muscle atrophy.

On its website, Biosysco explains the benefits of its technology thus:

“From recovery to growth and repair, muscles are at their best when they are moving or activated. This is why engaging in low-intensity exercise before and after workouts prevents soreness and helps you recover faster. We exist to make this process easier.

With injury, sometimes a muscle is ready for recovery, but the sensory nervous system gets in the way, causing excess pain and hindering movement. Until now, this roadblock has made deep tissue repair and rehabilitation almost impossible.

Sigma Q sends specialized frequency electro-charges wrapped in sound waves deep below the skin, transmissions only the neurological muscles understand. Effectively replicating natural neuromuscular activity, our technology travels naturally through the body, communicating with the brain to deliver the frequency to where the body needs it.”

Sheilley indicated that Biosysco has already begun the hiring process. They also view relationships with educational institutions as critical to meeting their staffing needs. Therefore, they are in the process of building relationships with the educational infrastructure in Ocala. Of course, the College of Central Florida is a focal point of these efforts.

The CEP’s Economic Goals: The Biosysco Move

According to Mr. Sheilley, the Chamber is targeting bringing companies to Ocala with the goal of creating 7500 new jobs which pay 16% above the average local wage. Originally, the CEP had a more modest five year plan. However, because the results to-date have greatly exceeded expectations, they have raised targets. Therefore, the CEP has now announced the new targets and integrally linked them to a new seven year plan.

According to a recent U-Haul report, the CEP’s efforts have yielded spectacular results, as Ocala ranked among the top three markets in the United States for movers using U-Hauls in 2019.

“We’re growing an economy for the future. We’re developing an economy that is diverse and is going to be successful,” said Sheilley.

The Ocala Lifestyle Blog shares in the excitement

At Ocala Blog, we share the excitement generated by the success of the CEP and the economic resurgence it brings. Every company that is drawn here through the cooperative efforts of the CEP, governments and the community expands economic opportunity. Of course, as the demand for supporting businesses and housing multiplies, so does the impact on the local economy.

Welcome Biosysco. Our city is proud that you chose to come here!
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Welcome Biosysco – Andy K. – Ocala Lifestyle Blog


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