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Ocala’s equestrian lifestyle has served as the focal point of our community and our economy for nearly a century. However, the World Equestrian Center has now launched our community onto the global stage. In the process, it has also ensured that our farmland preservation area will be protected.

We are about to embark of a great adventure, the adventure of a lifetime. However, as we do, we will take on great responsibilities. Being good neighbors has never been more important. As our economy expands, the the World Equestrian Center will serve as its focal point. Both equestrians and those less enamored by the equestrian lifestyle than economic opportunity will migrate here. Therefore, each will have to accommodate the other. There is no other way to achieve the quality of life we all strive for and deserve.

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Biosysco and Its Equine Division Are Coming

We at the Ocala Lifestyle Blog are excited to share that Biosysco’s equine division is coming to our city. Biosysco has developed a technology that stimulates muscles, thereby speeding the process of recovery from strenuous activity. The process also enhances muscular growth and development. This technology was designed to help human athletes, from weekend warriors …

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