The Economy

Here we will focus on the economy of our country and specific events and developments that impact Ocala locally.

Our area has rapidly expanded over the last decade.  In fact, it has well surpassed the country as a whole in terms of economic growth. The Chamber Economic Partnership works in close cooperation with county and city governments and has drawn major businesses into our community with success. Additionally, these businesses have created a significant number of high paying jobs. However, the World Equestrian Center, anticipate to open in early 2021, will change the game.

This veritable Disney World for equestrians will draw competitors from far and wide. Many will come to participate in various equine events. New inhabitants will migrate into the area as well. They will come to fill  tens of thousands of newly created jobs or to enjoy equestrian actvities. Amazingly, the W.E.C. facility will to cause revenue generated locally by the equestrian industry to rise exponentially. The industry brings $3 billion per year into our community. However, it is expected to more than triple that to over $10 billion in the next few years.

But there are other factors that impact both the national and local economy. Currently we are living in the shadow of the COVID-19 pandemic. Almost a million people have died worldwide and Marion County has suffered with everyone else. We will report on the impact of events such as this on our economy as well. We will also report insights from such Nobel Laureate economists such as Paul Krugman and Robert Shiller in order to stear away from urban legends and towards science.

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Ocala Home Sales Projections 2021

Ocala home sales are setting records year over year. Despite a market dominated by health concerns generated by a generational pandemic, demand has set a pace seldom seen before. Additionally, historically low inventories and interest rates have generated a whirlwind of repercussions. According to Realtor Magazine, the median sales price of an Ocala home has …

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The World Bank Report Offers Hope

The June World Bank Report and its Implications: The World Bank issued its report on the expected economic impact of the pandemic earlier in June. Unfortunately, the predictions are ominous. Bank economists project the worst economic contraction in decades. They forecast that world GDP faces a 5.2% contraction year over year in 2020. All countries …

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The Ocala Economy and Paul Krugman

Today we are living with life threatening health issues and uncertainty as to direction of the world economy. Of course, the Ocala economy is not exempt from the forces at work. The doomsday prophets among economists are predicting an economic contraction unseen since the Great Depression. However, Nobel laureate Paul Krugman is more optimistic. In …

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Biosysco and Its Equine Division Are Coming

We at the Ocala Lifestyle Blog are excited to share that Biosysco’s equine division is coming to our city. Biosysco has developed a technology that stimulates muscles, thereby speeding the process of recovery from strenuous activity. The process also enhances muscular growth and development. This technology was designed to help human athletes, from weekend warriors …

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The Ocala Blog: Life In Our Town!

Welcome. Today we publish the first installment of our new Ocala Blog, your online source for information about all things Ocala. Since Ocala is a thriving, rapidly evolving community, there is always something interesting going on here. Although we will be emphasizing issues of interest to home sellers and buyers, we will also delve into …

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