Ocala’s Grandview Invitational

We are excited that Ocala’s Grandview Invitational event is around the corner. The City of Ocala has earned the title “Horse Capital of the World”. Clearly, this is because the equine industry has been focal to the growth of the local economy since the arrival of Carl Rose early in the 20th century. The industry’s first milestone was reached in 1936, when Mr. Rose’s Rosemere Farms produced Ocala Rose, the first thoroughbred foaled here. Typically, the industry contributes over $3 billion in revenue annually to Ocala’s economy, while hosting many international competitions.

However, a dramatic change is coming with the opening of the World Equestrian Center. This world class facility features a grand arena and twenty one other competition facilities. Architects have designed this network of arenas to host every form of international equine competition known to man. Because of its ideal Florida location and amazing design features, the center is expected to draw equestrians from far and wide. As a result, the equestrian industry may soon increase its contribution to the Ocala economy by more than three fold.

Ocala’s Grandview Invitational

The Grandview Invitational is a draft horse competition featuring Clydesdales, Belgians and Percherons. These giant equine breeds compete individually and in teams of two to eight horses. Additionally, all drivers complete, regardless of gender.

The event is relatively new to our horse show circuit. This year, Ocala will host just the third annual Grandview Invitational. However, most of us are excited when the Budweiser Clydesdales come to town. Therefore, watching two hundred of these giants and their equine cousins compete will surely thrill and amaze. The competition begins on February 5th. For more information, please read the articles below.

Our Equine Industry Ensures Robust Economic Growth

The Ocala economy has been thriving for years. Of course, the contribution of our equine industry has been central to that growth. However, the World Equestrian Center has now become our crown jewel. It will surely attract a number of events and shows exponentially higher than ever before possible. As a result, people will migrate to our town to participate in the equine industry, compete and provide services. Real estate of all kinds will be in demand. Our community will need to expand transportation options and services to meet the needs of the center and peripheral infrastructure. As new businesses migrate to our community, they will require retail and industrial space. Additionally, new residents will require housing. But these demands on real estate merely scratch the surface of what is to come.

Of course, to sustain economic growth, there must be balance. Certainly, demand for housing will bring higher land and home prices. However, the expansion of our economy will create jobs and business opportunities. Each will generate income to offset the upward pressure on prices and allow Ocala housing to remain affordable. Therefore, they will create a perfect opportunity to invest in home ownership. Indeed, we forecast a bright future for our city’s economy and real estate market.

Ocala Grandview International features Clydesdales and other draft horses.

Grandview Invitational Draft Horse Show – Feb 5 – 7, 2021

“My husband Shannon’s family began breeding black Clydesdales in the 1980s in Indiana. His mother called them ‘black diamonds’,” says Karen Cobbs. Karen is a native of Manitoba, Canada. She is a third generation Clydesdales breeder. Read the article on grandviewinvitational.com

The Ocala Grandview International event is a competition of draft horses held annually.

Power and Majesty – Ocala Style Magazine

When people encounter towering draft horses such as a Clydesdales, Percherons or Belgians, they react with excitement. These equines are amazingly strong, powerful, and personable. Additionally, if one horse can inspire swooning, imagine seeing nearly 200 of them in one place. Read the article on ocalastyle.com

Ocala's Grandview International is one of the exciting events hosted by our horse farms each year.

The Horse Capital

The history of our equine industry began when the first Seminole feed retail store opened its doors in Ocala in 1934. Two years later, Rosemere became the first Thoroughbred farm in our town. See the chart of the history of our equine industry on thehorsecapital.com

Our equine industry is on the verge of triggering an economic explosion that will drive real estate prices upward. Therefore, this is a great time to make your dream lifestyle a reality!

Glad to be working in Ocala, home to the Grandview Invitational Horse Show.

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“Ocala’s Grandview Invitational Is An Exciting Part of Our Equestrian Scene.”

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