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What’s happening? In future blogs, we will feature many events and activities around town in Ocala. Our town sits at the center of a county whose economy is largely dependent on the equine industry. As we have pointed out elsewhere, this industry brings $3 billion in revenue into our community annually. However, The World Equestrian Center will finally open its doors in early 2021 and will impact our economy as no other single business ever has. It is expected to trigger a growth never before experienced here. As a result, the W.E.C. will cause the contribution of the equine industry to more than triple over a period of a few years. Of course, we will continue to report on both the W.E.C. and the equine industry in our posts.

But Ocalla is more than a focal point for the equine industry. It sits at the center of a network of parks and nature reserves. The largest of these is the Ocala National Forest, a network of lakes and treed ladscapes that is home to a wide variety of wild inhabitants. Here you can hike, boat, fish and enjoy lounging in natural spring waters.

The arts pacticipate integrally in the local economy as well. Therefore, we will feature shows at the Appleton Museum of Art and other galleries, local studios of famed artists and art fairs. We will also take note of performances by the local symphony, plays of interest and performaces by other musicians.

Finally, we may blog about local networking events, clubs, chartitable fundraisers and much more. Please join us weekly to find out what’s happening.

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Focus on Ocala, Marion County’s Jewel

Ocala rural home sales are booming: In the face of the pandemic, Ocala continues to evolve into an exciting metropolitan area. As people reconsider the wisdom of living in large urban areas, our countryside is proving a desirable alternative. Therefore, many are drawn to rural communities where social distancing is a normal part of daily …

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The Ocala National Forest, a natural wonder

Here is another great reason to make Ocala your home. The Ocala National Forest serves as an area administered by the United States Forest Service. Since they so eloquently describe this national treasure, we have borrowed their words to introduce this magnificent forest to you. This nature reserve proudly wears the Congressional designation National Forest. …

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The World Bank Report Offers Hope

The June World Bank Report and its Implications: The World Bank issued its report on the expected economic impact of the pandemic earlier in June. Unfortunately, the predictions are ominous. Bank economists project the worst economic contraction in decades. They forecast that world GDP faces a 5.2% contraction year over year in 2020. All countries …

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COVID-19: Interventions Are Underway

The Coronavirus, COVID-19, continues to spread across the globe with new cases being reported almost hourly. But the good news is that interventions are under way on a large scale in the United States and all other effected countries. Further, there is clear evidence that aggressive interventions actually work. China implemented Draconian measures to interfere …

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