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Selling your Ocala home can be a low stress, positive experience if you open your mind, ask questions and set realistic expectations. Therefore, you would be wise to do a little research in order to avoid common home selling mistakes and understand the market. Its a small price to pay for peace of mind.

Keep your emotions in check:

Chances are you have lived in your home for many years and each has left cherished memories. As a result, you may find it difficult to disassociate those memories from the normal give and take of negotiations. But that is exactly what you must do in order to let the process evolve. Buyers have no way of knowing what your bottom line price is. Therefore, you can expect them to test you with their initial offers. Some buyers do that more aggressively than others. But you must defeat the urge to respond emotionally in any event.

Take a step back and realize that a buyer’s initial probe is just the beginning of negotiations. Relax and let the give and take play out. You may ultimately be surprised when you arrive at the price and terms you hoped for. Don’t assume that a low ball initial offer will not lead to the negotiation of an acceptable contract. Simply counter to show a willingness to negotiate, but proportionately to how aggressive the offer is. Assuming that you have priced your home to sell, the farther away from the listing price an offer is, the less movement you may want to show in your counter.

During showings, let the buyer have some space!

There are surly many things that excite you about your home. Therefore, it is understandable that you would want to share your excitement during showings. However, keep in mind that dominating a buyer’s time at a showing can be problematic. It can prevent the buyer from asking questions that may provide answers that raise his or her interest in the home. When buyers connect directly with owners, they usually want to be polite and courteous. That can cause them to be reserved and may result in their true concerns not being disclosed or addressed. Of course, most issues, if known, could have been handled with ease by an experienced Realtor, allowing a prospective buyer to see a home in a different light and leading to an offer.

Additionally, under normal circumstances you would be wise not to be present during showings at all. Ideally, you would be best served by letting the buyers’ agent explain the features of your home professionally and deal with questions and objections dispassionately. However, these are not normal times. Therefore, you may wish to consider that your presence can persuade visitors to wear masks and be more conscientious about following CDC recommendations while in your home. If you anticipate this will happen, by all means be present at showings. But make sure to allow prospective buyers plenty of time alone with their agents so as not to influence their willingness to open up and deal with issues they are concerned about.

Let your agent guide you professionally and dispassionately:

You have selected a sellers’ agent you feel comfortable with, one who is an experienced, knowledgeable professional. Therefore, he or she is the ideal objective third party to act as a buffer between you and prospective buyers. Your agent can calm you down when your emotions flare up. Additionally, he or she can communicate with prospects’ agents to answer questions, provide information and steer negotiations to a desired outcome. They can also provide answers to your questions and knowledgeable advice. Their input can give you the insight necessary to make the informed decisions that will best serve your needs and desires. So exercise your inquisitive mind, absorb answers, learn from your agent’s advice and soak in information conveyed when an offer is presented.

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Avoid home selling mistakes enroute to your dream lifestyle!

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