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The choices you make with respect to Ocala home design are very personal in nature. Undoubtedly, home decor is as personal as selecting your favorite cuisine or desired hairstyle. You may dream of a formal Victorian home featuring period antiques, an art deco nest featuring bold, striking colors or a high tech man cave featuring a home theater with a state of the art audio system and a motion picture sized screen. Of course, many other choices are before you as you plan an escape from your work day and each option has a place in the sphere of interior design. However, remember that craftsmanship, quality materials and outstanding design are never out of fashion.

Ocala Home Design Considerations – Quality Matters:

Some are overly concerned with keeping up with the latest fads. Therefore, they select styles and colors, furnishings and finishes to reflect the trends that TV programs sell. But is that a wise approach? I would definitely argue that it is not. In my view, a country kitchen is never out of style. Neither is an Scandinavian kitchen or a contemporary chef’s kitchen. Therefore, you may wish to focus on selecting a home decor that will provide the comfort and style you desire, a style that will make you excited to go home after a long day at the office. Emphasize quality over trends, because trends change and creative designs are replaced by new innovative ideas. However, quality will stand out over the course of time.

A Color Scheme For Your Ocala Home Design:

Color schemes are often dictated by the style of decor you select. But furnishings are not commonly sold with a home. Additionally, while neutral color combinations tend to maximize the value of your home when selling, changing the color of walls is not difficult or overly expensive. Therefore choosing on a color scheme based on its impact on your home’s future value makes little sense. However, there is one aspect of selecting a color scheme that is sometimes overlooked. As time passes, you may tire of bold color combinations with great contrasts. Therefore, consider that such color schemes may excite you at first, but the excitement may be short lived. Over time you may wish you had gone in a different direction.

Proportion and Ocala Home Design:

Another important consideration in Ocala home design is proportion. In order to optimize the use of spaces in your home, you must consider the relationship between the size of furnishings to the space they will occupy. Crowding a room with too many pieces of furniture and accents will make it seem small and cluttered. On the other hand, if you furnish a room with items that are lilliputian in proportion, you create the impression that it is empty and surprisingly small as well. For example, if you place a full size bed in a room that can comfortably hold a king, don’t be surprised if you begin to question whether the room is large enough to hold the latter. This is a common optical illusion.

But sizing furnishings to space is not the sole consideration. The relationship of furnishings to each other is critical as well. While decorating in an eclectic style and selecting varied pieces of furniture to present in a single space can create a wonderful effect, you must make certain that all pieces are sized proportionally to each other. Otherwise, the room may look cluttered and poorly organized.

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Design your escape to be comfortable for you and to make you happy.

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