Ocala Home Styles: 2024 Forecast

The spring housing season of 2023 is upon us.

The ever-evolving world of Ocala home styles is exciting indeed. 2024 is predicted to usher in a refreshing blend of bold statements and intimate, social settings. As we continue to tailor our homes to our post-pandemic lifestyles, we will see a resurgence of personal expression. Of course, this creativity will be coupled with a renewed … Read more

Ocala Home Decor: 6 Trends To Watch in 2023

Ocala home decor trends 2023

Over the past few years the focus of Ocala home decor has changed. Many of us have spent more time than usual in our “castles”. Therefore, we have learned to appreciate the personal design touches that make a house cozy and comfortable. As a result, many of us have adapted our dwellings to our needs … Read more

Ocala Model Homes – Trendy Designs

zac gudakov 95UK5aVgx54 unsplash

Ocala model homes feature trendy interior designs created to increase value and attract sales. However, such designs also enhance lifestyle. Additionally, you may find it easier than you imagine to create the atmosphere you desire in your own home. Let me demonstrate with an anecdote. A landlord walked into his tenant’s home. He had just … Read more

Ocala Home Spaces That Sell

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Well designed Ocala home spaces create great first impressions and first impressions sell! However, such spaces make homes more livable as well. Therefore, you would be wise to create lounging areas for your own enjoyment. Don’t wait until you begin thinking of listing your home for sale. Last week we introduced a burgeoning trend, enhancing … Read more

Ocala Home Improvements That Add Value

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Over the past year and a half, circumstances have refocused interest on Ocala home improvements that add value. People were forced to spend more of their time at home. Therefore, they began prioritizing home improvement projects they had dreamed of for years, but failed to actively pursue. However, putting dreams into action without adequate thought … Read more

Small Spaces Can Enhance Ocala Homes

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Ocala features some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the State of Florida. Many are professionally decorated and ready to be featured in home design magazines. However, even the largest home may have small spaces that can be redesigned to maximize utility and enhance livability. Therefore, whether you live in a spacious dream home, … Read more

Home Renovation Shows


“Uber-unique” is the new trend! Though home renovation shows paint fun fantasies, they do not intend to encourage the redesign of functional spaces. They do not suggest remodeling just to respond to the latest fads. Change in the way we respond to the shows is overdue. Good news. Moving forward, emulating the neighbors will no … Read more

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