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Our rapidly growing metro area is broadening its horizons and has much to offer beyond equestrian pursuits. For example, in Ocala, scientific research plays a focal role as well. At the center is the C.E.P.’s incubator program. Our Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundation, city and county governments have united to support this endeavor. Its purpose is to encourage forward thinking entrepreneurs to develop leading edge ideas into economically self sustaining businesses. But if their ideas are to progress from dreams to viable products, bright, creative people require work space, funding and sound advice. Of course, the C.E.P. works to make all three available. Additionally, while setting out to encourage innovative entrepreneurs to develop exciting new technologies, the C.E.P. seeks to achieve far more. Its members and managers strive to make Ocala a center for technological advances and economic growth for many years to come.

Ocala: A Center for the Advancement of Science

Our city can be proud of the scientific progress being made here. For example, did you know that cutting edge clinical trials testing novel Coronavirus treatments are taking place in Ocala? While WHO has recently published a study which questions the effectiveness of remdesivir as a treatment for COVID-19, an alternative being developed in Ocala has begun trials and shows promise. Our city’s Advent Health Hospital is at the center of this research.

Additionally, Florida Cancer Specialists & Research Institute opened the doors of its new Ocala facility in September. The Institute boasts a team of respected scientists conducting research and clinical trials into the cancer treatments of the future. Amazingly, technologies that may one day lead to a cure for the dreaded disease are being developed and tested here. Of course, the institute’s physicians also provide state of the art cancer care to patients in our community. In their effort to do so, they take particular pride in their policy of never turning away a patient in need. They treat everyone, regardless of economic capability.

Other scientists are developing AI technology in Ocala to help the physically handicapped. Many patients suffer devastating, life changing injuries. Therefore, researchers at Ocala’s Institute for Human and Machine Cognition are developing robotics designed to merge man and machine. For example, their goal is to develop technologies which will allow the severely handicapped to regain the power of locomotion. Consequently, the Institute is constructing and testing artificial devices designed to replace lost limbs. The goal is for human beings to be able to communicate with and control artificial limbs through thought. Mechanical scientific breakthroughs this research spawns may one day make it possible for victims of disease or accidents to regain a level of independence once thought to be impossible.

Ocala: A focal point for innovation

Certainly, Ocala is much more than the equine capital of the world. Indeed, we are growing as a center for the arts and an incubator of entrepreneurial innovation. Additionally, Ocala is becoming a focal point for scientific research designed to improve the quality of life on our planet. Who would have thought?

Below are a few articles that are sure to open your mind to what’s possible in Ocala. We hope they will cause you to see our city in a whole new light as a result. Ocala is indeed an exciting place to call home:

Advent Health Hospital is a center for research into COVID-19 treatments.

Ocala-developed COVID-19 therapy in local study

When remdesivir, the antiviral drug used to treat COVID-19, started to run short earlier this year, Dr. Carlette Norwood-Williams began working on an alternative treatment. As a result, the drug protocol she helped develop as the director of pharmacy at AdventHealth Ocala is showing promise and recently received approval for a local study.Read the article on Ocala.com >

Beautiful antiques in Ocala

On the Scene – November 2020 – Ocala Style Magazine

Because Ocala is an exciting place to be, we offer a guide to our favorite monthly happenings and can’t miss events: Hinterlands City Hall, 110 SE Watula Ave. Now-January 1 | 8am-5pm Artist Megan Welch is well worth a visit because she is clearly very talented. Additionally, many other exciting events are calendared. Read this on ocalastyle.com >

Statues of horses dot Ocala, the horse capital of the world.

Herd Community – Ocala Style Magazine

The Appleton Museum of Art’s equine art collection spans more than 3,000 years of history from around the world. Of course, Ocala is genuinely heralded and officially designated as the Horse Capital of the World. Therefore, it no wonder horses and equine art are part of the College of Central Florida’s ancestral and historical roots. Read the article on ocalastyle.com >

Ocala scientific research is exploring advancements in robotics designed to help the handicapped.

Merging Man and Machine – Ocala Magazine

Researchers are exploring artificial intelligence, cybersecurity and more at the Institute for Human & Machine Cognition, exciting challenges indeed. – By Chris Gerbasi with photos courtesy IHMC.

Undoubtedly, for most people over a certain age, the phrase “artificial intelligence” always had an otherworldly, futuristic connotation. However, there was also a sinister implication that computers and robots would one day take over the world. Read the article on ocalamagazine.com >

The lifestyle of our community is evolving. Of course, Ocala scientific research plays an ever more important role in the city’s evolution into a center for innovation.

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