The Pandemic – This Too Shall Pass

The pandemic scares us all. But please don’t lose sight of your hopes and dreams. Our planet is a wondrous place and if we pull together, the future is bright.

The Surgeon General issued a warning that this week is about to unleash upon us the worst blow the pandemic has delivered to date. How should we react? Those who are not fearful today simply are not facing or comprehending the dangers impacting our lives. But fear can be a good thing if we react to it rationally and use it to motivate and persevere.

Be careful. Follow CDC advice. Avoid social contact. Wash your hands frequently. Use hot water whenever possible and wash for at least twenty seconds. Seek medical advice if you are symptomatic, but avoid medical facilities if you are not. Do so for two reasons. First, think of others and allow those truly in danger to receive treatment. Second, do so in your own self interest. You don’t want to expose your self to COVID-19 unnecessarily. Running into the fire out of panic can have dire consequences.

This Too Shall Pass

Now that you have done everything in your power to protect yourself and your family, its time to engage the power of positive thinking. Enjoy the love of your family. Reassure your loved ones and spend quality time with them. Be the anchor that melts their fears away. Think about your dreams and goals. Remember, you face nothing more than an unexpected and unwelcome detour on the road to achieving them. Take the time to catch up on activities you set aside before. Read, study and plan. When this nightmare ends, make sure you are better prepared than ever before to achieve your goals and make your dreams a reality.

As inhabitants of this amazing planet, we have faced many calamities before. In the last century alone, we have survived two world wars, two catastrophic economic collapses, and a pandemic. Now a second pandemic is upon us. This too shall pass. We are a resilient people. Our scientists our developing treatments and vaccines to deal with COVID-19, while economists are strategizing how to support the world economy. You can do your part by staying positive and taking proactive steps to protect yourself and your family. This too shall pass!

Stay safe. This too shall pass.Andy K.

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