Its Time To Focus On Family

Its time to focus on family. We have all been glued to our TVs and every word we hear stimulates thought and most of all, fear. We have more questions than answers. The United States leads the world in COVID-19 cases? How can that be? Why weren’t we better prepared? Will our economy survive this catastrophe? Will our family survive it?

Protect yourselves and your families and have faith. Although we are certainly in for a rough ride, this much is self evident. Our nation will survive and bounce back stronger than ever because that’s who we are as a people. We have been through terrible times and down economic cycles before. But down cycles lead to upward trends. Also, while many will suffer, our families will survive to see the best of times. You can count on that. Therefore, now is the time to focus on our loved ones and help them through the difficult times ahead.

You have taken the advice of mavens in your profession. You spend a part of each day catching up on important details you did not have time for during the normal course of business. Perhaps you are catching up on reading in professional journals or spend time viewing webinars by superstars in your profession. Since you are a true professional, you understand that you must always be learning and honing your skills. Therefore, you devote some time every day to becoming better at what you do. But the most important aspect of being a better you is sharing quality time with your family.

We are all under stress at times like these. But the best way to channel that stress productively is to bond with your loved ones more than ever before. Its time to focus on family. Share your dreams with your partner and show that you believe this to be a bump in the road, a curve on the path to success, nothing more. Continue to believe in your dreams and remember Napoleon Hill’s mantra, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, man can achieve”. Even more importantly, plan activities for your children. Develop a schedule that will keep them occupied. Allow for family activities that will make them feel secure and loved. Include learning time to keep their minds stimulated, fun time to keep them happy, and exercise time to keep their bodies strong.

Here is a link to Kids Out & About, a wonderful resource that will help you plan productive activities to stimulate your kids and allow for quality family time.

Stay safe. This too shall pass. – Andy K.


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