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Our home town, Ocala, offers lifestyles to please everyone. Of course, the arts are integral to life in our community. Therefore, we support them with all our souls. Our flirtation with the nurturing of the arts began with the Hub, a clothing store founded in 1953 by Robert Leibowitz in the center of our historic district.1 Many years passed, the store came and went, and soon a new mission took hold in its old store front.

In the last quarter of the twentieth century, the City of Ocala and the College of Central Florida united to establish an art gallery in Bob Liebowitz’s old store front. Its opening was to foster a revitalization of historic Ocala’s downtown.2 Then in 1990, a group of volunteers joined forces to launch the MCA, the Marion Cultural Alliance.3 Today the MCA is at the center of our town’s efforts to subsidize the arts. It raises funds to support facilities where talented artists work towards mastering their crafts. Additionally, the MCA provides grants to assist the cultural endeavors of many nonprofit organizations. Among them are the Ocala Symphony Orchestra, the Reilly Arts Center, the Appleton Museum of Art and the Ocala Civic Theater.4

Horse Fever – Celebrating Our Town, Ocala!

But to be sure, the most famous project undertaken by this organization is its “Horse Fever” art mission. Have you seen at least one of the many artistically decorated horse sculptures that dot our town? Then you have been touched by “Horse Fever”. Many organizations have taken part and proudly display one of these statues. Among them are our C.E.P., named national Chamber of Commerce of the year in 2020, and the City of Ocala. Our town is one of five communities on our planet recognized by the World Chamber of Commerce as a “Horse Capital of the World”. In response, the MCA chose to decorate Ocala with these colorful equine sculptures in a show of civic pride.

Multi Talented Artists Call Our Town, Ocala, Home!

Ocala’s support of the arts has drawn many talented artists to our community. Among them are two we have featured before. To be sure, Michelle St. Laurents is a creative force in our community. Her relatively new studeo features stunning renditions of her famous Disney Studio creations. We are also blessed to have Mark Emery, the Emmy winning film maker, make his home here. Of course, these are just two of the many outstanding talents drawn to our town.

So celebrate the arts, Ocalans. Enjoy the many art exhibits, theater and musical performances Ocala has to offer. Do so because a day without the arts is a day without sunshine. Here are three ways to celebrate the arts in our town. Enjoy reading:

Our town, Ocala, feature a monthly artwalk. Please don't miss it!

First Friday Art Walk | City of Ocala

The First Friday Art Walk takes place the first Friday of each month, September through May from 6 to 9 p.m. It is undoubtedly worth visiting. Learn more here: WWW.OCALAFL.ORG

The Tascawilla Art Park exhibits the works of talented artists who call our town, Ocala, home. Treat yourself to a visit to this wonderful park.

Tuscawilla Art Park Series | City of Ocala

Each Spring in our home town, Ocala, the Tuscawilla Art Park hosts the Spring Art Park Series, featuring a musical concert in the park. Learn more here: WWW.OCALAFL.ORG

Fun at the Park Music and Art Festival

Shalom Park, the pride of the southwest part of our town, Ocala, is well worth a visit.

Join Sholom Park for the 2nd annual Fun at the Park Music and Art Festival. Enjoy live musical entertainment, interactive craft booths, and an array of food trucks to choose from! Continue reading here: https://www.sholompark.org/fun-at-the-park/ […]

“Have no fear of perfection, because you will never attain it.” – Salvador Dalí

Enjoy the arts and celebrate the grandly talented people who bring them to life. While we set our goals high and work every day to be productive, we can only hope to reap the fruits of our efforts. But to truly succeed, we must also take time to feed our souls. The arts bring beauty into our lives and inspire us. Such ispiration is the foundation on which we may build our success!

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