The Mother’s Day Tradition

The Mother's Day Tradition

The Mother’s Day tradition offers many and varied opportunities to celebrate the amazing women in our lives. Each lady is special in her own way, and each deserves to be celebrated and shown how much she is valued. The Origins of the “Mother’s Day in Ocala” Tradition1 A story is told of a woman who … Read more

Home Town Ocala: The Arts

Our town, Ocalam celebrates the arts

Our home town, Ocala, offers lifestyles to please everyone. Of course, the arts are integral to life in our community. Therefore, we support them with all our souls. Our flirtation with the nurturing of the arts began with the Hub, a clothing store founded in 1953 by Robert Leibowitz in the center of our historic … Read more

Ocala Art & Architecture 2022

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The Ocala art scene is burgeoning with creativity. To be sure, Susan and I are art lovers. Therefore, we are excited that the works of amazing artists are an integral element of the Ocala lifestyle. A few years ago we set out to explore the Cote d’Azur, the Mediterranean coast of France. Of course, this … Read more

Ocala Artists: Talent & Creativity

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Ocala artists add to the aesthetic charm of this part of Florida. Fortunately, our town features a thriving community of talented artists who are instrumental in making Ocala a great place to call home. So we indulge our passion for art by introducing you to several of the most talented among them. Our Passion For … Read more

Ocala Museums And Galleries: 2021

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Ocala museums and galleries educate, provide opportunities for quiet thought and inspire new ideas. To be sure, the most famous of these is the Appleton Museum of Art. This amazing facility features world class collections of paintings, sculptures and pre columbian artifacts. However, since we have already introduced this museum in a prior post, today … Read more

Ocala Theater 2021 and the New Normal

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At the forefront of our “Ocala Theater 2021” season are three outstanding venues. To be sure, the performing arts are essential to Ocala life. However, each venue has been significantly impacted by the pandemic that continues to play havoc with our lives. Ocala Theater 2021- The Ocala Civic Theater Unfortunately, only The Ocala Civic Theater … Read more

Ocala’s Appleton Museum Of Art

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Support for the arts has become an important contributor to the rapid growth of this community. Ocala’s Appleton Museum of Art, with its outstanding permanent collections, stands as a special monument to that support. It was built on forty four forested acres off East Silver Springs Boulevard, with construction commencing in 1984. Two years later … Read more

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