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Our home town, Ocala, offers lifestyles to please everyone. Of course, the arts are integral to life in our community. Therefore, we support them with all our souls. Our flirtation with the nurturing of the arts began with the Hub, a clothing store founded in 1953 by Robert Leibowitz in the center of our historic district. Many years passed, the store came and went, and soon a new mission took hold in its old store front.

In the last quarter of the twentieth century, the City of Ocala and the College of Central Florida united to establish an art gallery in Bob Liebowitz’s old store front. Its opening was to foster a revitalization of historic Ocala’s downtown. Then in 1990, a group of volunteers joined forces to launch the MCA, the Marion Cultural Alliance. Today the MCA is at the center of our town’s efforts to subsidize the arts. It raises funds to support facilities where talented artists work towards mastering their crafts. Additionally, the MCA provides grants to assist the cultural endeavors of many nonprofit organizations. Among them are the Ocala Symphony Orchestra, the Reilly Arts Center, the Appleton Museum of Art and the Ocala Civic Theater.

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