Ocala Home Improvements That Add Value

Over the past year and a half, circumstances have refocused interest on Ocala home improvements that add value. People were forced to spend more of their time at home. Therefore, they began prioritizing home improvement projects they had dreamed of for years, but failed to actively pursue. However, putting dreams into action without adequate thought and planning can have unintended consequences. Certain projects can make a home less marketable. Additionally, others can actually reduce a home’s value. Therefore, wise homeowners do their research and seek expert advice before committing to major projects.

Ocala Home Improvements That Make a Home Less Salable

There are two classes of Ocala home improvements that can reduce marketability. The first is improvements take away features buyers in your market expect homes to have. Of course, the second is improvements so radically designed that they significantly reduce interest in your home.

Ocala Home Improvements At Expense Of Function

Let’s take a look at improvements made at the expense of desirable features first. To be sure, a common improvement homeowners undertake is the building of an addition to increase living space. When an architect designs such a project to blend with a home’s ambiance, while adding functional space, it may add value. However, homeowners frequently try to save money by converting existing space to a new function and that may yield unintended results. For example, enclosing a garage to create a second master suite can reduce demand for a home. This can happen because buyers in a particular neighborhood may expect homes to feature two or three car garages. Therefore, a home with no garage may see reduced demand and be difficult to sell.

Now let’s consider the impact of radical design on value. A couple of years ago, I toured a home with an unusual feature. The owners decided that their home required an additional lavatory. But there was no space in the home that could naturally accommodate the feature. Therefore, being innovative, they decided to build the lavatory into an existing bedroom. At the cost of thousands of dollars, they ran new plumbing lines to one of their two smaller bedrooms. Then they installed a beautiful bathroom sink and vanity in the center of the bedroom’s widest wall. As a result, a wall that was designed to hold a dresser could no longer serve that purpose. To buyers, this feature was undesirable and had actually made the bedroom less functional. Therefore, a significant investment had actually reduced the value of the home.

A More Positive Direction

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