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Ocala luxury homes feature architectural designs and craftsmanship to rival the finest our state has to offer. However, not long ago sellers of ultra luxury dream homes found their mansions languishing on the market. They discovered that supply far exceeded demand for such homes. Buyers were redefining their lifestyle choices. However, as the stock market rose to new heights, it created great new wealth. Additionally, due to the pandemic, more people chose to spend time at home. As a result, national trends are once again changing.

The 2021 market revitalized the demand for luxury living. When combined with extraordinarily low inventories at all price points, this has resulted in an aggressive sellers’ market. Additionally, record low interest rates combined with newly created wealth to make dream homes more affordable than ever. Therefore, ultra luxury properties are once again very much in demand.

A Surprising Trend Likely To Impact Ocala Luxury Homes For Some Time

The offshoot of this unusual market is home flipping in the ultra luxury price point. This phenomenon manifests itself in two scenarios.

Firstly, some get caught up in the whirlwind of chasing their dreams and commit to purchases beyond their financial capabilities. However, many soon realize their follies and scurry to find a way out. Fortunately, in competitive markets, the forces of supply and demand may come to the rescue. For example, today some who have overextended find that they can actually correct their mistakes and turn a profit as well.

On the other hand, some buy properties they can afford and plan to enjoy for many years to come. However, they find that market forces intervene and create a temptation to sell they cannot resist. In many markets across our nation, recent buyers have received offers of a profit they could not ignore. Therefore, some succumbed to temptation and resolved to become wealthier and delay the excitement of moving into their dream homes for the time being.

The Future Of The Market For Ocala Luxury Homes

Demand for Ocala luxury homes is expanding due to the prefect storm of immediate factors discussed above. However, long term forces at work suggest that the trend will continue and accelerate. Certainly, the projected growth of our equestrian industry will have a major impact on the economy of our town. As discussed in prior posts, this industry currently contributes $3 billion in revenue annually to the economy of greater Ocala. However, expectations are that this contribution will more than triple over the next few years. Of course, at the center of this amazing projected growth sits the World Equestrian Center. This network of equestrian facilities has made Ocala a global destination. However, its developers did not undertake this amazing project in a vacuum. They incorporated much infrastructure within it. Additionally, they anticipated that much more will be developed around it to support visitors and residents alike.

One element incorporate into this project is a residential community that will take ultra luxury living to a new extreme. If the artist’s renderings of homes to be built here are any indication, the residences planned will be special. In fact, they will dwarf most luxury homes available in Ocala today. We clearly respect the vision of developers of the WEC and expect that they have done their research. Therefore, we conclude that they must have commissioned marketing studies to ascertain support for such an ultra luxury community. Of course, these studies must have reinforced the belief that the WEC will attract an influx of ultra wealthy individuals. Undoubtedly, such an influx is bound to greatly expand demand for homes in existing luxury communities as well.

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The market for Ocala luxury homes will thrive for years to come.

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Ocala luxury home offer an opportunity to live a dream lifestyle and profit financially in the process.

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Our community will enjoy it place among global destinations. Of course, exciting lifestyle changes are sure to follow.

Ocala luxury living is about to see a once in a lifetime expansion.

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