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The Ocala real estate market showed signs of stabilization through November of 2022. The impact of the economic upheaval caused by the pandemic appears to be behind us and trends point upward. Additionally, real estate market projections continue to paint a positive picture through the end of 2024 and beyond. However, inventories of homes for sale are still limited, and demand is moderating in the short term. This appears to be a reaction to increasing interest rates. With signs that inflation is a threat, the Fed has recently raised the prime rate significantly. Of course, mortgage rates have risen in reaction to the Fed’s actions. However, the economy has remained resilient and there are signs that inflation is moderating and a recession will likely be avoided.

Over the last few years, our city’s growth rate has been among the fastest in the United States. Since the local market forces supporting future growth are strengthening, we anticipate our economy will thrive in the intermediate to long term. The new World Equestrian Center has opened and will expand in stages over the next few years. As a result, visitors, investors and new residents will be drawn to our metropolitan area. Because of this, we project continued aggressive growth in housing demand over the next decade and farther into the future. Therefore, the Ocala real estate market appears to be on very solid footing.

Our vision is that Ocala is in the early stages of the growth cycle seen by Orlando since Disney arrived in the late sixties. This offer a great opportunity to both homebuyers and investors alike.

Ocala real estate surging

Ocala Real Estate Surging – Nationally, Mansion Sales Plummeting

The Ocala real estate market is surging. Actually, that statement speaks more to the future and the immediate past than to today. But there is no doubt in my mind that the future of our real estate market is exceptionally bright. Fortunately, people like Larry Roberts are betting with me. Mr. Roberts is the logistics …

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Ocala is a great place to invest in real estate.

Ocala Real Estate Investment Forecast: Update 02/2023

Our Ocala real estate investment forecast points to this area being at the vortex of a perfect storm. The economic forces generated by the amazing efforts of our Chamber & Economic Partnership and the opening of the World Equestrian Center create extraordinary opportunities for real estate investors. We have reported on the effects of these …

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Instant Cash Offers – Are They A Viable Option?

Are instant cash offers the future of the real estate market? Technology is changing the way we do almost everything, and real estate transactions are no exception. In fact, a new crop of tech companies wants to revolutionize the way we buy and sell homes. iBuyer startups like Opendoor, Offerpad, and Properly are rapidly expanding …

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Ocala Home Sales Projections 2021

Ocala home sales are setting records year over year. Despite a market dominated by health concerns generated by a generational pandemic, demand has set a pace seldom seen before. Additionally, historically low inventories and interest rates have generated a whirlwind of repercussions. According to Realtor Magazine, the median sales price of an Ocala home has …

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Ocala Luxury Homes – Predicting Trends

Ocala luxury homes feature architectural designs and craftsmanship to rival the finest our state has to offer. However, not long ago sellers of ultra luxury dream homes found their mansions languishing on the market. They discovered that supply far exceeded demand for such homes. Buyers were redefining their lifestyle choices. However, as the stock market …

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Focus on Ocala, Marion County’s Jewel

Ocala rural home sales are booming: In the face of the pandemic, Ocala continues to evolve into an exciting metropolitan area. As people reconsider the wisdom of living in large urban areas, our countryside is proving a desirable alternative. Therefore, many are drawn to rural communities where social distancing is a normal part of daily …

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The Ocala Blog: Life In Our Town!

Welcome. Today we publish the first installment of our new Ocala Blog, your online source for information about all things Ocala. Since Ocala is a thriving, rapidly evolving community, there is always something interesting going on here. Although we will be emphasizing issues of interest to home sellers and buyers, we will also delve into …

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