physical fitness

When I was in my early teens I ignored the importance of physical fitness. In fact, I was well on the way to carrying may more pound than health would advise. I weighed about thirty pounds more than my friends and had perfected the art of being a couch potato. Unfortunately, my greatest thrill was reviewing the upcoming fall TV schedule and planning hours of sitting on the sofa eating junk food and watching all the exciting new offerings and old favorites.

Then I started to take long walks. I was on a mission to build my stamp collection, and every stamp shop I visited was a short walk from another. Without realizing it, I was walking for miles every day and the pounds started to drop off.

Then in college I met an amazing woman who completed me as a human being. We married and jogged together. Soon I was jogging forty two miles a week and physical fitness became a way of life.

Our Ocala Lifestyle Is Inseparable From Fitness

When we built our dream home, we gave our passion for fitness a place of honor in it. We installed a sauna, a treadmill, weight and ab machines. We trained not to build Adonis-like bodies, but to be able to enjoy life to the fullest.

So today I offer you simple advice rooted in a chance occurrence that saved my life. If you don’t believe that you could ever enjoy the fruits of physical fitness, start by tricking your senses. Find something you love, like birdwatching, communing with nature or hunting for antiques. Then take every opportunity to do it on foot. You’d be surprised how quickly the simple act of walking will bestow upon you all the benefits of physical fitness.

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