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Good news is the order of the day. The GDP continues to rise and there are signs that we are likely to fight off inflation without entering a period of recession. However, in good times and bad, Ocala will always be an amazing place to call home. Because our economy was vibrant before the onset of the COVID upheaval, it is surely in a great position to continue to thrive. Additionally, with the opening of the World Equestrian Center, our city is on its way to becoming a global destination. Therefore, our future is very bright indeed.

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Ocala offers a wide range of lifestyle choices. We have communities that cater to the rich and famous and offer luxury homes with unique architectural and technological innovations. The city also features communities which cater to retirees and offer a wide range of amenities and prices to fit any budget. Additionally, there are communities designed to attract first time homebuyers. In short, our city is a great place to fulfil your lifestyle dreams, whatever they may be.

Our area has rapidly expanded over the last decade.  In fact, it has well surpassed the country as a whole in terms of economic growth. The Chamber Economic Partnership works in close cooperation with county and city governments and has drawn major businesses into our community with success. To be sure, these businesses have created a significant number of high paying jobs. However, the World Equestrian Center is truly a game changer. Since its opening, demand for infrastructure, homes, goods and services have begun to surge. Of course, economic opportunities are profoundly expanding as well. Therefore, the future of our community is definitely bright!

The opening of the World Equestrian Center changes everything!

In the late 1960s Walt Disney came calling with plans to build the Disneyland of the east here. However, the people of Marion County declined this once in a century opportunity to put our area on the map. Fortunately, once in a century opportunities arise more frequently in Ocala.

For over a century our equine industry has been putting Ocala on the map by foaling and training champions, including Triple Crown winners. The last two Triple Crown winners, Affirmed and American Pharoah, came from our horse farms. Therefore, it is not surprising that Ocala has earned the title, “Horse Capital of the World”. Fortunately, in so doing, the city attracted it’s second “once in a century” opportunity. This time the city accepted and authorized the construction of the World Equestrian Center. It cannot be overstated how much of an economic game changer this world class facility truly is. 

The center is already creating jobs, both directly and in supporting endeavors. Of course, the influx of people to fill these jobs will drive our economy to even greater heights than the center itself. It will require the expansion of every element necessary to lifestyle, expansion in the areas of transportation, education, housing, health care, and much, much more. These are indeed exciting times in our City of Ocala.

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Therefore, if you are a Marion County resident, we encourage you to continue to grow with our exciting urban area, because there is no better place to call home. Of course, if you are just evaluating relocating here, we would surely be excited to have you join us.

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