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Some amazing Ocala, Fl homes are listed for sale. Are you planning to sell yours? Then learn to complete and get results! We break down advice into three sections.

Common mistakes to avoid when listing Ocala homes for sale:

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Preparing Ocala Fl homes for sale:

To be sure, you only have one opportunity to make a first impression. However, a little foresight and a small investment may significantly increase your chance of selling quickly and at a good price. Therefore, putting both into action is well worth the effort. Here are a few simple steps you can take to prepare your home for sale:

(1) Clean your home thoroughly & make it sparkle:

Prepare your home to impress and wow. Consider hiring a home cleaning company to make your home sparkle. Make sure to have your windows thoroughly washed inside and out. A panoramic view obscured by dirt and dust often disappoints.

Recaulk sinks, tubs and windows. Dust every corner and crevice. Make mirrors shine. Then, to maintain the sparkle, vacuum daily, clean hardwood and ceramic floors as needed, dust furniture, and keep the bathrooms and kitchen spotless. Additionally, as a final touch, take steps to make your bathrooms more appealing. For example, consider adding a vase of fresh flowers, hanging fresh guest towels and keeping toilet lids closed.

Also make sure to air out your home to make it smell fresh and clean. The night before a showing, avoid cooking particularly odorous foods such as fish, garlic or cabbage. Cooking smells can linger. If you have pets, monitor litter boxes or any other areas they effect. However, not all smells have a negative impact. For example, having cookies baking during a showing can entice and make a home feel inviting.

Extra Sparkle

(2) Make minor repairs and improvements:

(3) Organize Bedroom Closets and Storage Cabinets

Buyers will be curious about storage spaces and will want to check closets and cabinets. It is important to ensure these are organized, as clutter can convey a negative impression.

When a buyer sees everything organized down to the last detail, they may conclude that you take care of your possessions and likely home as well. In kitchen cabinets, alphabetize spice jars, neatly stack dishes, and turn the coffee cup handles so they’re facing the same way. In closets, make sure shirts are buttoned and hang them together, line shoes up neatly and so on.

(4) Stage your home:

Did you know that on average, for every dollar you spend staging your home your sales price increases by six dollars? Since staging adds great value, it has an important role to play in preparing your home to list. Here are a few ideas to consider:

The Final Step 

To complete the staging effect, tour your home and linger in the doorway of each room. Imagine how the room will look to a buyer. Arranged and rearrange pieces of furniture until the room achieves maximum visual appeal. Make sure window coverings hang evenly. Having cleaned, repaired, organized and staged, look for final touches that will enhance your home’s wow factor.

Other important considerations

Of course, creating an impact is vital, so you must have high quality photos and/or video taken. These media should then be presented in an innovative marketing campaign to draw maximum attention to your property. Since the marketing effort begins with the presentation of your home on the MLS, we always make a special effort to highlight your home’s most desirable features there.

Because every Realtor exposed to your home has contact with dozens and often hundreds of potential buyers, a marketing campaign must include the introduction of your home to the Realtor community. We are members of a network of over 750,000 real estate sales professionals world wide and can reach out to all of them in a matter of hours. Therefore, we have maximum flexibility to tailor the outreach that would be most beneficial for your home. We will put you in the best position to successfully compete with other Ocala, FL homes for sale.

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