Small Spaces Can Enhance Ocala Homes

Ocala features some of the most beautiful architectural masterpieces in the State of Florida. Many are professionally decorated and ready to be featured in home design magazines. However, even the largest home may have small spaces that can be redesigned to maximize utility and enhance livability. Therefore, whether you live in a spacious dream home, your dream starter home or something in between, you can surely enhance your lifestyle and increase your home’s value by learning a few simple design concepts.

Less is More In Small Spaces

Do you have a little alcove that seems like wasted space? Is there a room in your home that is so small that it has turned into a magnet for clutter? Is your pantry so disorganized that you prefer to keep its door closed at all times? Be a little creative. With thought and planning, you can reconfigure each space to fit your home’s creative design. But the key is to remember that less is more!

Often, I see clients furnish small spaces with small pieces. For example, many believe that fitting a tiny sofa, two matching side chairs and a full sized coffee table into limited space will make it seem larger and more functional. However, experienced home designers know that quite the opposite is true. In fact this approach is likely to make such a space seem small and cluttered. Instead, choose the largest sofa that will comfortably fit, add accents like a bookcase, a plant or a proportionately sized coffee or end table and you have created a cozy reading room or a place to share a glass of wine with someone special.

To further enhance the illusion of spaciousness, highlight height by using ceiling to floor window treatments. Then make sure that lighting creates an ambience that blends with your decor. Incorporate lighting fixtures with daylight to add a warm, inviting feel to the space. The cozy, warm area you will have created is sure to enhance your lifestyle and please prospective buyers when it’s time to sell.

Small Spaces Seem Large When Uncluttered

Are your kitchen counters home to every small appliance imaginable? Are your beautiful granite master bathroom counters covered with trays holding cosmetics, perfumes and other essentials? Of course. You have designed these spaces with your convenience in mind. Clients commonly have that primarily in their thoughts. But after a while, many begin to wonder why their home is not as beautiful and elegant as they had envisioned. The answer is a simple truth. Clutter forms a screen that conceals the best feature of wonderful spaces.

Open your mind to ways to blend form and function. In doing so, you will have found the key to accentuating the beauty of your home’s design. For example, consider finding a hidden space for countertop appliances you don’t use daily. A nook in your pantry where they are out of the way, but easily accessible, would be ideal. Then space the remaining appliances so that beautiful counters replace clutter as the accent to your kitchen cabinetry.

Next, remove the clutter from your bathroom counters. Place necessities in top drawers of bathroom cabinets. Organize them so that they are at your fingertips. Then place a few small accents on your counters. A vase, a plant or a suitable sculpture may serve this purpose well. With these little steps you will enhance the design of your bathrooms and added beauty and value to your home.

Small Spaces Can Add Value & Warmth To Your Home

These are just a few examples of creative design and planning that can add style to your home without sacrificing function. In fact, in most case creative design will add utility as well as value. Bellow are a few articles that will introduce design ideas and help you to think more creatively. Optimizing the functionality of all spaces in your home will surely enhance your lifestyle.

Everything we have brought to your attention in this post falls into the basket of activities called staging. If these simple thoughts, when acted upon, will add to your joy of living, they will also create a better first impression when you go to sell. Of course, great first impressions translate into better offers and easier sales. Please enjoy reading the articles that follow:

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Think creatively. By implementing ideas that enhance the lifestyle a home offers, you will be increasing its value and making it more marketable as well.

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