holidays & celebrations

Holidays & celebrations Ocala style are something to behold. Our town is an amazing place where festivities abound from Halloween to New Years Eve. Among them are the many offerings of the World Equestrian Center. Of course, this is also a time to enjoy a symphony under the stars, the many dining choices found in our town and much more. Here are two examples:

Gastronomic Delights At Stirrups: A Traditional Thanksgiving Family Dinner

Stirrups is the elegant dining establishment at the World Equestrian Center. This year the restaurant offers a chef’s interpretation of a Thanksgiving turkey dinner, an event that is sure to become an Ocala tradition. To be sure, this is an enchanting opportunity to add a little elegance to the annual November family get together. Therefore, we will definitely put this event high on the list of things to enjoy in our amazing town.

A Christmas Parade: Is There a better way to celebrate the holidays Ocala style?

Our Christmas parade dates back to humble beginnings in 1955. By 1958 it had become an institution in our town. Each year it is grander than ever. The parade features amazing floats, marching bands, historic cars and other exciting displays.

Our holidays & celebrations are links to our past and our future. They allow us to show gratitude of what we have been blessed with and excitement for what is yet to come. Additionally, they allow us to live in the moment and enjoy life. They our part of the tapestry that is the Ocala lifestyle and make it special.


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