The Magnolias, Communities Offering Varied Lifestyles


The Magnolia homes for sale are located in a varied group of gated residential enclaves in SE Ocala.

Magnolia Home For Sale – An Eclectic Collection

The Magnolias homes for sale are ideally situated. There are several Magnolia communities, each with a different ambiance. However, the one attribute that unites these communities is that they are located in one of the best school districts in Marion County.

Located in southeast Ocala, the developments are all gated. However, in many respects the Magnolia communities form an eclectic group. Each community features unique architectural designs. Most feature single family homes. However, at least two of the Magnolia Communities offer villas. Additionally, most communities do not have swimming pools. But of course, two of the communities buck the trend and do offer swimming pools. Construction began in these communities in 2005 and lot sizes vary, but some are as large as half an acre. Therefore, Magnolia homes for sale have less in common than those in most communities.

Nearby Highlights

Jervey Gannt Park is nearby and offers fun for the entire family. It has covered picnic pavilions and open spaces as well. Additionally, the park has children’s playgrounds, a water park and a dog park. There are also plenty of green spaces to lounge and relax, walk, jog and exercise. We have enjoyed several Toastmasters club get togethers there.

Of course, the Magnolia communities are near all the shopping and services residents may require. Additionally, they are a short ride from Ocala’s city center as well. However, the most spectacular aspect of living in southeast Ocala is the proximity to the Silver Springs State Park, nature trails and other opportunities to stay active and commune with nature. The glass bottom boats of Silver Springs have attracted visitors from far and wide since long before Mr. Disney arrived in Florida. However, there is still no better way to appreciate the Central Florida underwater ecosystem than by viewing it through the glass bottom of a boat.

We have just scratched the surface here. However, the Magnolias are clearly ideally situated to provide access all that our area has to offer.


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