Top Ocala Realtors: Compassionate Problem Solvers

The Mindset of Top Ocala Realtors

What separates top Ocala Realtors from their fellow professionals? How do you select the one who will serve your needs best? How do you decide who will best deliver on the promise to sell your home quickly and at top value?

The hypothesis I will lay before you is no more than my personal opinion. Therefore, I choose to start with the issue of mindset. Representing clients in the sale or purchase of a home creates a fiduciary duty. It is the duty to serve clients’ interests above all but the constitutional rights of others. My philosophy is that I must concern myself with that mission only. If I do, I will intuitively deliver the best professional representation and customer experience possible. Then I need not spend a moment being concerned with my own interests. I can simply let the quality of my work speak for me. Its voice will surely lead me down the path I wish to travel.

Top Ocala Realtors See Clients As Partners In a Common Mission

Over the years, I have had partners in many business ventures and learned from each relationship. A partnership is like a marriage. Of course, in order for a marriage to succeed, each partner must be concerned only with the other’s interests. Where each person in a relationship guards the other’s interests, the relationship has the potential to thrive through the years. However, when each partner guards their own interests instead, you have a formula that may lead to conflict. As a result, the relationship is far less likely to last. It is all about mindset.

What does this have to do with real estate, you ask? It is quite simple really. Top Ocala Realtors place their clients’ needs above all else because it is their duty to do so. Having done so, they are rewarded with reduced stress, new friendships formed, great reviews and abundant referrals. Isn’t this the very essence of a win/win situation?

Top Ocala Realtors Study Their Market & Master Today’s Technologies

There are many qualities that top Ocala Realtors share. But one, becoming fountains of knowledge, is undoubtedly essential to their success. Professionals must understand their markets in order to guide clients to the results they desire. They must be experts at valuing properties in order to recommend both listing and offer prices. Of course, they must also be familiar with what distinguishes communities in their service area.

But knowing their markets is just a start. Top Realtors must also master the latest technologies in order to communicate with clients efficiently. Each must become skilled at creating enticing listings. Great agents must also be proficient at presenting available properties to buyer clients in full detail and in a timely manner. Their knowledge and implementation of technology must extend to marketing and preparing a home for sale too. Of course, mastery of state of the art technology also makes it easier to write and transmit contracts efficiently and do so much more.

In order to judge how technology savvy and knowledgeable a Realtor is, sellers should look to the listing presentation. On the other hand, buyers may look at how easy an agent is to communicate with. Additionally, they may consider how a Realtor utilizes technology to present properties listed for sale. But both sellers and buyers would be wise to begin by experiencing the design of an agent’s website. It speaks volumes as to an agents mindset.

Honesty & Integrity

To be sure, honesty and integrity form the very foundation of the relationship between agents and their clients. The best Realtors are not shy about telling you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. They put a premium of educating you as to current market conditions and helping you to set realistic expectations. To do otherwise would be unwise and self defeating. That is why we borrowed the motto made famous by Sy Simms, the clothier, and featured it on our website: “An educated consumer is our best customer.”

Of course, we are just scratching the surface of skill sets top Ocala Realtors rely on to deliver outstanding results. Below are three articles that enumerate many other important characteristics that they share. Pay special attention to the first skill listed in the third article, problem solving. Many times the difference between closing a deal and having one fall apart in frustration is input from a Realtor. Therefore, a top Realtor must be a creative problem solver too. Enjoy reading:

Top Ocala Realtors share many outstanding qualities, among them compassion and the ability to problem solve under fire.

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True professionals are grateful for the opportunity to serve their community and earn a generous living.

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Top Ocala Realtors mine for information about clients' motivation, needs and desires.

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 “Success in real estate comes down to two factors: taking care of and valuing the customer.”― Michael Miedler, Century 21 CEO

There are many skills and characteristics that top Realtors share. Often, list makers try to organize them in order of importance, indeed a self defeating endeavor. To be sure, all of the characteristics discussed in this post and the articles linked to it are important. Some are easily evaluated. Others are somewhat subjective. So use your judgement, compare presentations, read reviews and simply have open conversations. Then pick the Realtor that you feel most comfortable with. It’s all about competence and empathy.

Being a top  Ocala Realtor is about expertise and empathy.

Andrew Kruglanski, MBA, ABD, Broker

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